Cikel die staat voor familibedrief Piano's Driesen


A real family business that is in close contact with the customers. You will always come into contact with the same person and will not be treated as a number.



Good service, such as a 5-year warranty, free delivery, ...

Kwaliteitsvolle piano's zijn heel belangrijk


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Only pianos tested for quality, from quality brands and made for our climate!

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Our three pillars when you buy from us. With us you can be sure of your purchase , especially your piano. What does that mean certainty? We only sell pianos of recognized brands, with serial number ! That means we know where our piano comes from and so do you. These are also pianos intended for the European market, which means that they are adapted to our temperature, humidity, ... and therefore last for years. With us you have the guarantee of a good purchase and no false promises.

In addition to pianos, we also have piano benches in our showroom, all models and colors are always available from us. We also offer other piano supplies such as covers, lamps, metronomes, ... in our shop.

Customer focus is central. We take care of annual voting sessions, rentals, concerts, transport, ... You can always go to our store for more information or questions. Our 24/7 approach also offers appointments, so you can always contact us to view our showroom after opening hours or on a Sunday.

Values ​​and vision

We attach great importance to good service . Good service, why? We have been around since 1949, thanks to the trust customers place in us. This trust is not just there. We are always diametrically opposed to the customer, which means that we empathize with our customer, we will never sell them anything that does not fit your needs. We will work with you to find the perfect piano for you.

In addition, we are always available for questions, further information and so much more. We regularly organize events in our store such as CD shows, performances, ... this means that our customer gets a different atmosphere in our store than just the sale of pianos.

We are happy to go further and further in selling , renting and offering pianos. We keep up with the times and therefore always bring the latest pianos. We will also work even more customer-oriented in the future.