Piano tuning

A piano requires regular maintenance . 
  annual review and annual vote  are required for any keyboard instrument. To do this in the best conditions, we come to your home.


Professional Piano Tuner

Be sure to contact us and we will make an appointment together when it suits you. One of us  professional  piano tuners  will visit you to tune your instrument.


We provide for you :  Free vote  Bee purchase your piano  and  with every year that you renew a rent a piano!

 Can I have my piano tuned regardless of how long it has been tuned or age? 

Why do we ask about the age of the piano and the time of the last tuning? It is important to know that tuning a piano can take about 1 to 2 hours, if it has been several years since your piano has been tuned this can take much longer. In addition, an old piano can sometimes be untuned. That means that the price has to be adjusted accordingly. To prevent this, make sure that you have your piano tuned at least once a year.


More information about a vote

 On which days can I have my piano tuned? 

 When should I get my piano tuned?


It is possible to have your piano tuned from Monday to Friday in between. 10am & 6pm. Outside these hours or during the weekend is of course also possible if this is not otherwise. We always try to choose the best time for both together. You do not have to be present when the piano tuner comes by. The only thing we ask is that the piano tuner can enter.

It is advisable to have your piano tuned every year. This way, your piano will be well maintained. The longer you wait to tune your piano, the harder it is for the tuner to get your piano back in order. If you use your piano really intensively, it is advisable to even have your piano tuned twice. When you rent a piano from us, you get an annual tuning forFREE

 How long does it take to get my piano tuned?


 Can the piano tuner also perform repairs during a tuning?


Of course! Please let us know which repair needs to be carried out on your piano when we call you by phone. This way we can discuss together if it is possible for the piano tuner to perform this at your home and we will also immediately give the price for this repair.

Tuning a piano takes about 1 to 2 hours. This depends on the model, if it is an upright piano or grand piano and of course whether repairs still need to be done or not. We charge for a voting session of 1 hour. If it has been a very long time since the piano has been tuned, we will calculate the price together.