Piano les

Whether it's about an upright piano or a grand piano, a acoustic or digital piano, it is still a difficult choice. That's what we're here for, in all over 70 years experience to provide you with the right choice and information.

It is very important that you know what you are buying! We offer you real pianos, that is, we know where they come from and you get them with a real serial number. The serial number tells you more about the authenticity and origin.

Its origin means that it is a piano intended for the European market, ie it is adapted to the temperatures, humidity,... of our market.


Whether you are a beginner taking piano lessons or have been playing the piano for years, we can help you.

With us you have many options whether you have a  want to rent a piano  or  purchases.


Discover our offer and be sure to visit our store so we can help you find it  right tool for you.

Our formulas

1.  Direct purchase  : When you buy your piano from us with direct deposit, you will receive from us  on top of that a special discount

2.  Rent buy  : During a hire-purchase formula you pay 2% of the purchase price of the piano every month for 24 months.  After this time you pay the remaining balance, we ask  no deposit and no interest.

Any questions? Contact us , we are always ready to create a formula to suit your needs. In addition, you can always rent pianos from us.