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Vleugelpiano van Yamaha
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Acoustic Pianos, a good choice.


Buying a piano is not an easy task. There is so much choice between so many brands. At Piano's Driesen we are able to help you make the right choice. This is also the reason why we specialize mainly in acoustic pianos.


This allows us to assure you of our expertise in our offer. By keeping this offer extensive but limited in extent, you can be sure that we stand behind te quality of our range. We assure you that these are only very high quality buffet and grand pianos.

So why do we prefer an acoustic piano

An acoustic piano is the right financial investment. An acoustic instrument does not quickly lose its value, because it will last a very long time. All you need to do after purchasing your favorite instrument is to take care of it, that is: an annual tuning , ensure a good climate of your piano (no humid or too warm place, not in the sun), the piano may require a minor repair  from time to time, but we are also skilled in this. Contact our workshop for a customized quote.


Our offer

In our shop we have a wide range of acoustic upright pianos, grand pianos and digital pianos. We help you buy a piano! Be sure to visit our showroom and discover our range that only consists of quality! Such as Yamaha pianos, Kawai pianos, ...